The Newtown Library is operated by a generous volunteer network of friends and neighbors. We wouldn’t be here without our volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

The Newtown Library Company has a rich history and lots of charm, yet its greatest strength is the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.

If you would like to join our enthusiastic group, please let us know by submitting the following contact form.

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Work at the Front Desk

Volunteers can work at the front desk for 2 or 2.5 hour shifts. In this role, you will check books in and out for patrons. All volunteers should be comfortable with technology (e.g. using computers to view what patrons have put on reserve). Training will be provided.

Shelving books, covering books, and organizing the shelves are all activities that can be combined with front desk duties.

Volunteer Committees

The following committees meet once per month or quarterly depending upon library needs. You may join a committee or volunteer at our various community events.

Supply funds for building upkeep and collection expansion and keep down the cost of membership.
Review current practices and evaluate ways to best promote the library through multimedia.
Media Management
Meet with the group to make decisions that impact our collection.
Promote the library in the community and beyond with the goal of expanding our membership.
Organize and/or participate in many fun events throughout the year.
Guide the library board and management through the advances of modern technology to help the library be accessible to everyone.

Volunteer Clearance

In 2014, changes were made to Act 153 of the Pennsylvania state legislation in relation to volunteers obtaining and renewing clearances. These modifications have amended provisions of the Child Protective Services Law, and now impact volunteers who have “direct contact” with children. Most adults working at the library now require clearance.

The Newtown Library Company follows clearance protocols developed by the Board of Directors, which are in compliance with Pennsylvania state laws and Council Rock School District requirements.

Request clearance